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I would like to know how much cost the bus ticket from cusco to La paz by bus ,but a comfortable and safe one and also how long takes to do that?
Im deciding between bus or plane ticket with aerosur,they have one for 130 U$S one way.



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Hello Elías.

Hope you are doing well.

I took the bus from La Paz to Cuzco and back again in October last year.

It is a 17 hours trip and the stop between Bolivia and Peru is a bit chaotic pout

I took a day bus going to Cuzco and a night bus coming back to La Paz.


Most of the buses to La Paz from Cusco have a Change in Puno and they cost around 25 $US,  the buses are pretty comfortable and run at least once a day.

La Paz to Copacabana by bus 4 hours US$ 4,00
Copacabana to Puno by bus 5 hours US$ 5,00
Puno to Cusco by bus 8 hours US$ 15,00

There is also a direct bus through Desaguadero it takes around 16 hours, going through Desaguadero is a couple of hours shorter and the border crossing is quicker. (But you will not get to see Titicaca lake)

I highly recommend you to take a bus to Copacabana stay a night in Titicaca Lake (Isla del Sol) then get a bus to Puno and cross over to Bolivia from there, where you will have buses/Minivans to La Paz every hour.

There are also another two great stops: The floating islands and Two earth islands over two days by boat . Excellent trip!

I also sugget to take a tourist bus, they are more expensive than regular buses but safer and comfortable.



For a cheap flight from Cusco to La Paz check out Taca or Aerosur.


If you are short in time? I recommend to save it and fly there, however if you have enough time and want to save some money take a tourist bus.


Don't forget to have with you your Yellow Fever certificate when you cross the border, sometimes they may ask for it!


Have a great trip!


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Thanks for the reply and the value info.

It s help me to decide the info you sent me.

Im going to do the way from La paz to Cusco by bus with a stop of one night in titicaca lake in the sun island ,isla del sol and then going by bus to Cusco and then Cusco La paz by plane with aerosur,the cheaper flight i found.


thanks a lot Emil.

If you need some info about places i ve been feel free to ask.

I ve been to 35 countries in my life ,21 in europe,three in middle esat,6 in SEA, and so far 5 in South america including the country  im from.

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