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Hi there!
During our travels through Central America we read about Turrialba in Costa Rica. We had been looking for a while for a good Spanish School in Costa Rica, and really wanted a place where there weren't too many tourists, but still enough to do in the area and the town.

Turrialba turned out to be a great place to do this, and we found a really great language school, called Spanish by the River.Here are a few reasons why we really enjoyed it:

- The teachers were  really professional and experienced. The groups were small and well suited to our level.

-  Location for the classes was amazing (eg. views of the active volcano), and the classes were given outside in their garden.

- The school has a hostel with comfortable rooms with great facilities (big kitchen, lounge area). And there's also the oppertunity to stay with a local family, which we found great for practicing our spanish. The hostel has a great international vibe and offers different activities throughout the week (rafting, dancing, cooking)

- As the town is not touristy, and really friendly, it's easy to practice your Spanish. There's also a great bunch to do around Turrialba (mountainbiking, kayaking, hiking) which can all be organised from the school.

- The spanish school is very well organised and experienced, they have three more locations in Panama (Organisation is called Spanish at Locations).

We read that there's also the oppertunity to travel around to these locations while studying spanish at each school, which sounds really cool!

Well we really enjoyed our stay in Turrialba, and had taken Spanish in other places (Mexico, Guatemala), but none compared to this one, so we really think it's worth looking into this Spanish School.

Greets,Remon and Sophie

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good to know that thanks for the information

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"Costa Rica  boasts  about  having  more  teachers  than  policemen,  and  this  affirmation  is  a  source  of  great  pride, since  Ticos  feel  that  their  high education  level sets  them  apart  from  many  less  fortunate countries  in the  world.

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