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A long arm of t s West African country stretches right up to the marshes that border the Lake Chad To the south, Cameroon broadens out, taking in savanna, tree covered mountains, tropical forests,...more

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Azerbaijan is known for its reserves of crude oil and natural gas Baku is the capital city of Azerbaijan It is one of the top 6 independent Turkic states Almost half of all mud volcanoes on earth are...more

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Botswana is a beautiful country located in the region of Southern Africa The citizens of t s country are known by the name of Botswana Up to 70% region of t s country is covered by Kalahari Desert It...more

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Brunei is a sovereign state located on the island Borneo It is located in Southern East Asia The official language of Brunei is Malay, however English is also spoken widely all over As per the...more

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Estonia is one three countries that completes the Baltic States It is a flat country where half of the landscape is farmland There are many forests cultivated for the country’s timber, paper and...more

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Switzerland is a country that is situated heart of Europe It is a country w ch is widely known to be the tourist’s destination It is blessed with wonderful and marvelous tourist’s attractions in...more

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Miami is a perfect tourism hub in Florida and certainly a great tourist destination in the world Miami has breath taking attractions that can hardly be stated together as they are in every part of it...more

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Ukraine is among the popular and famous countries in central Europe with stunning tourists attractions sites The country has numerous marvelous and wonderful tourist spots spread across its land The...more

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Greenland is indeed a gorgeous place to adventure and tour The island has lots of marvelous t ngs that make it a must to visit for all The island allows you to feel the appealing impact of ice and...more

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Puerto Rico is with no doubt a gorgeous island to have your holidays tremendous The island certainly stands out among the leading tourist destinations in the world   The island has lots of charming...more

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B&B Beeper

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Set a 5minute drive from La Maddalena beach, the familyrun B&B Beeper...more

Hampton Inn Salt Lake City Dow...

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Ideally situated in central Salt Lake City and 25 minutes' walk from...more

Best Western Chateau Louisiana...

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Located in Baton Rouge 10 miles from LSU Tiger Stadium, t s Louisiana...more

Hotel Bisanzio

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In the heart of Venice, in a location that is extremely quiet but...more

Best Western Dothan Inn & Suit...

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Located 6 miles from Dothan Regional Airport, t s hotel offers free...more

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Canh Chua Sour Tamari...

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I Ingredients 6 cups of water or fish stock 1/2 lb large prawns, cleaned1 cup tamarind pulp puree1/2 sweet pineapple, peeled, sliced into bitesized pieces2 tomatos, cut in wedges2 tbs sugar, plus...more

Creamy Potato Gratin ...

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Creamy Potato Gratin with Caramelised Onions T s is a version of the popular Potato Gratin or as us French call it "Gratin Daup nois", with a twist   Serves 8 2 tsbp Olive Oil 2 large Onions, t nly...more

Choyela(newari Dish)

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Choyela is being popular among all people There are two types of choyela; haku choyela (roasted choyela) and mana choyela (boiled choyela) In the ancient period, only Newari people used to take...more

Mediterranean Tapenad...

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What is tapenade? The origins of tapenade Tapenade originates in southern France (Provence) on the Mediterranean about 150 miles from the Italian border and is a huge favorite in Italy The name comes...more

Polish Potato-cheese ...

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Dough Ingredients: 4 cups sifted allpurpose flour 2 large eggs 5 tablespoons sour cream 3 tablespoons vegetable oil 1/2 teaspoon salt 3/4 cup c cken broth Filling Ingredients: 4 pounds baking...more

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